John Cusack defends speaking out about politics, reflects on fame in new interview: 'I haven’t really been hot for a long time'

tweeting about his support for Sen. Bernie Sanders and courting controversy on a number of hot-button topics. In a new interview with the Guardian, the actor dismisses any arguments that he shouldn’t speak out, or that he’s spoiled films for fans who disagree with his views.

“He’s an evil f*** and he grinds our faces in it every day,” Cusack told the paper of the man he claims made him recoil even then.

Despite his support of Sanders in the primaries, the Chicago-bred actor will be voting for Biden, he shared.

Making movies is “brutal, transactional, superficial and dumb,” he added, citing the lackluster thrillers that have dominated his filmography of late,

“You may go make a film, you do all this work. And the movie sort of gets butchered in the editing room,” he explained. “And that happens, like … nine times out of 10? So it’s not a very satisfying thing, if only one in 10 movies that you’re making work out the way they were planned.”

Fans of his more critically lauded work may not always agree with his politics — and Cusack admits he’d happily move on to discussing “poetry, love, anything else, but that’s just not the times we’re in” — but he has no intention of backing down.

“Not all anger is just sort of somebody stuck in some rut in a basement,” he said. “If you can’t be outraged on behalf of other people, or express anger at injustice, maybe that is its own rut. Sure, I might go too far sometimes. But I really just want to get across the message: that we’re sleepwalking into an incredibly dark possible future.

“Maybe being outspoken hurts your career … I’m just aware it helps me sleep better at night, knowing that I wasn’t passive during this time.”