'We were supposed to get married today': Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams wear Mr. and Mrs. face masks after postponing wedding due to pandemic

But while the couple is staying in and staying safe, they couldn’t let their intended wedding date go by without some sort of celebration. And so they donned their finest white apparel — a button-down and khakis for him, sash-tie trousers, a frilly lace crop top and a sun hat adorned with a bridal veil for her — and took a loved-up photo shoot at an unidentified winery.

“A couple, a pandemic and a postponed wedding: a series,” the 29-year-old bride-to-be wrote. “We were supposed to get married today. Instead … we took pictures and drank wine.”

Adams, 36, shared more photos from the shoot, joking, “We were supposed to get married today. We didn’t. But I still got to grab a butt. So, ya know, still pretttty cool.”

And on Hyland’s Instagram Stories, the future husband and wife posed in Mr. and Mrs. face masks, imploring fans to “wear a damn mask.”

Hyland is taking her dashed wedding plans in stride. In previous Instagram posts, she’s acknowledged that “2020 has not gone the way we thought it would,” and floated the idea of a City Hall wedding,

“One day we’ll get married, but for now I’ll take eating junk food and Netflix all day every day,” she wrote in a July 7 post marking one year since she and Adams got engaged.