Tough week? Jillian Michaels' 7-minute foam melt and mediation challenge is your perfect relief

“Okay, it’s day seven!” says Jillian Michaels in the final installment of her brand new, game-changing  Seven-Minute, Seven-Day Workout Challenge —created just for busy Yahoo Life readers. The iconic trainer has created this workout for all fitness levels—with an exclusive reward for you, too! “You have completed this bad boy—or at least you will have in about seven minutes.”

If you’ve been following along with Michaels’ rigorous yet beginner-friendly, seven-day workout challenge, you’ve already done your total-body workout, your HIIT, your abs, and your legs. Each day has introduced an easy-to-follow seven-minute workout—and Micheals’ signature no-nonsense coaching style. Now it’s time for recovery.

“It’s really important that you program recovery into any fitness regime,” Michaels emphasizes. “Today, we’re gonna have a little TLC with our foam rolling session and a quick meditation.” Today’s final challenge is intended to eases your aching muscles and calm your mind—and you’ve earned it.

“Showing up seven days in a row is not easy and you’ve done it. You’ve shown up for yourself.” Michaels says. “The person who did the work is you, and I really hope you take that in. Because one of the best ways that we boost our self-worth is by taking in and really owning and celebrating our accomplishments.”

Keep challenging yourself:

Jillian Michaels created a 7-minute fitness challenge just for Yahoo readers. (Photo: Jillian Michaels)

This leg-chiseling challenge is just the beginning. Michael’s is offering Yahoo Life readers an exclusive deal on her fitness app, which is stocked with a slew of effective 7-day workouts. Enjoy a free 7-day trial and a 3-month subscription for just $19.99 (usual price is $44.97), and 12-months for $59.99 (usual price is $179.88). (Yahoo Life may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change.)

Ready for your day-seven, seven-minute workout?

Watch it at the top of this article. It’s a total-body recovery workout, which incorporates foam-rolling moves for your aching muscles and a pleasant, five-minute meditation “to help you feel more Zen and more chill in these unprecedented times,” says Michaels. “So let’s jump right in.

Cool down with 5 Minutes of Chill

Got your muscles into recovery mode? Then get comfortable and enjoy five minutes of relaxing meditation guided by none other than your favorite, no-nonsense trainer. Remember to close your eyes, breathe deeply from the belly, and relax your shoulders and any other areas of tension. 

If you’re out of shape or new to aerobics and strength training, then you’re a perfect fit for Michaels’ beginner-friendly, seven-day workout challenge. The custom program combines a series of High-Intensity Interval (HIIT) and total-body workouts with routines meant to tone abs and legs—and, of course, meditation and recovery routines. Each day introduces an easy-to-follow seven-minute workout—and Micheals’ signature no-nonsense coaching style will keep you right on track.

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