Kobe Bryant bought Carrie Bradshaw's famous 'Sex and the City' dress for Vanessa — costume designer Patricia Field is glad it brings her 'joy'

Instagram post contrasting Parker’s 2004 scene and the real-life gown now living at the Bryant home, the iconic outfit was again a gift from the late Los Angeles Laker.

“I love you my baby,” Vanessa said of her husband, who was killed in a January helicopter crash alongside their 13-year-old daughter Gianna and others. “I found this beautiful dress Kobe gifted me a long time ago. Not going to lie, I was taken aback with emotion. He was SO romantic. Still showing me he loves me from heaven.”

In her caption, she noted the dress’s significance in the HBO show’s final scenes, “When Mr. Big comes and gets Carrie back. Paris. Missing my boo-boo and my sweet girl. So nice to have found this dress today. You set the bar so high baby. No love like REAL LOVE.”

Bryant couldn’t have picked a better dress. While Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe was the envy of all, the actress who played her singled this green number as the best of the bunch.

Parker told Entertainment Weekly in 2010. “That outfit got to tell so many stories, and it was such a romantic outfit and it was so delicate and it had so much grace to it, and it ran around Paris, and that was not how she had imagined that outfit.”

Vanessa’s post has unsurprisingly impressed many, including Kim Kardashian, who commented, “Wow!!!! This is so special!”

Patricia Field, the famed costume designer who created Carrie’s trend-setting looks, agrees.

“Happy to see this classic outfit bring Vanessa joy,” she tells Yahoo Entertainment.