Amy Schumer dedicates Father's Day post to single moms: 'I love my dad but my mom did it all'

On Sunday, Schumer shared a rare photograph of herself with her mother, Sandra. In her caption, the 39-year-old explained why she was honoring her mother, who has long been divorced from Schumer’s dad, and other single moms who carry the weight of solo parenting.

“More than anything, Happy Father’s Day to all the single mothers out there who did both,” Schumer wrote. “I love my dad but my mom did it all.”

Conveniently, she noted, her dad is not on social media.

Schumer’s post struck a chord with celebrity followers like Brandi Carlile and Cat Power. It also drew praise from fans who shared their own experiences of raising kids on their own.

“As a single mother, I appreciate this so much,” read one comment.

“I do it all. Not a lot of people recognize it,” added another single mom.

Schumer herself isn’t a single mother, and thus made sure to include a separate tribute to husband Chris Fischer, dad to her 1-year-old son Gene.