Zach Braff to white people: Having a black friend doesn't excuse you from national conversation about race

Fake Doctors, Real Friends With Zach + Donald.

Still, Braff knows that doesn’t excuse him from the national conversation about race that’s happening as protests erupt all around the country over racial injustice and inequality.

Braff, who grew up in the cosmopolitan areas of New Jersey, New York and Los Angeles, said he’s using this time to really listen. He’s learning more about his privilege and the ways he can be more proactive against racism in his own life.

Faison urged anyone who’s not a person of color to do the same.

People who become more educated will see the similarities between all humans, Faison said. “We might do things differently, but we all are the same, and together we can abolish racism, and it’s everywhere.”

“It’s finally coming to a head is what’s happening, but [racism has] been here forever,” Faison said. “Once you … recognize that there’s racism out there, you’ll start checking yourself. You’ll start checking yourself, believe it or not.”