Chelsea Handler praises New York governor: 'I'm pretty hot for Andrew Cuomo'

Chelsea Handler is making it clear that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is spoken for.

wrote a “love letter” to the politician in Vogue in which she thanked him for his leadership. She explained how he replaced Robert Mueller after their “breakup” and even confirmed that she would vote for Cuomo if he ran for president, although he has said he does not have any plans to pursue the presidency.

In addition to her letter, Handler let her 3.8 million Instagram followers know that not only does she enjoy Cuomo’s leadership, she also thinks he is not too hard on the eyes. In a compilation of video clips she posted to Instagram on Tuesday, Handler professed her love and attraction to the politician and her excitement for his press conferences.

“Getting ready for my boyfriend to come on TV,” she announced in one of the clips. “We wake up together every single morning, me and Andrew Cuomo…”

In another clip where she was watching Cuomo on television again, Handler said “I’m pretty hot for Andrew Cuomo, I’m not gonna lie about that.”

Several fans enthusiastically supported Handler’s obsession with Cuomo.

“Good person to wake up to, are ya feeling the truth? I am,” one person wrote.

“Your article is incredible and i am in complete agreement,” actress Katie Lowes chimed in.

“I need to know who you would rather: Mueller vs Cuomo,” a fan asked.

“He is young, in good shape, strong — not as strong as he thinks — but he will be fine,” the governor said. “He’s a really sweet, beautiful guy. He’s my best friend.”