Heather Locklear Makes a Melrose Place Joke in Rare Video: 'Amanda Woodward's Roots Are Alive'

“But also I want to let you all know that the ’90s are back,” she said, pointing to her dark black roots. “Amanda Woodward’s roots are alive and well and I think we should embrace it ladies and a few men.”

Locklear concluded her video update by asking fans how they were staying busy in quarantine, adding, “We will get through this by staying apart.”

The actress initially entered the facility on Aug. 20, but after completing the 30-day program, she has been involved with a structured out-patient care plan, the documents obtained by PEOPLE at the time stated.

Also included in the court papers was a letter from Locklear’s treatment provider that her attorney William Haney had forwarded, stating that the actress has been “committed to therapy” and “compliant and participatory, as well as actively engaged.”

After being accused of hitting her boyfriend, Locklear was charged with domestic abuse — but those charges were dropped in March 2018.

In order to avoid 120 days of jail time, Locklear was ordered to enroll in a mandatory 30-day treatment at a residential mental health facility by Sept. 6.