Brad Pitt calls himself 'trash mag fodder' while talking paparazzi with Leonardo DiCaprio

WTF With Marc Maron. “And I went to, like, the liquor store to get a soda and there were the SUVs, and they just kept following me. Every day of my life.”

“Thank God,” DiCaprio said. “Usually, there’s like this time when you have a movie coming out or you’re starting to do promotion where they’re sort of on you a lot more. But, you know, I’ve been able to escape a lot more, which is great. And walk around outside and things like that.”

Pitt said he was “a little disgruntled” to hear that.

When asked if he has people waiting and watching his every move, Pitt said yes.

“Aw, man. Aw, man. I’m just, like, trash mag fodder,” Pitt lamented. “Because of my disaster of a personal life probably, most likely.”

When Maron asked the actors if they ever tried disguises to avoid the paparazzi, both of them said no.

However, Pitt said he has ways of staying on the down-low when he really needs it.

“I’ve got some good getaways that I will not reveal here, because they’re still in play,” Pitt said.

Pitt and DiCaprio also commiserated over the experience of seeing one of their films for the first time and realizing that it didn’t turn out as well as they’d hoped.

“It’s that horrible feeling when you’re screening it with others and the lights come up and everyone looks at you to say something. And you know, you just know,” Pitt said.

There’s another telltale sign, too.

“Well, you know,” Pitt said, “if they ever come up and they say, ‘I really liked the music. Who did the music? The music was amazing.’”


Still, DiCaprio’s had it even worse at the premiere of one of his movies: “I won’t mention the name of the film, but I just remember my friend looking at me and going, ‘Not my cup of tea.’”