Chrissy Teigen Marks 6th Wedding Anniversary to Husband John Legend with Hilarious Candid Photo

The mom of two shared what the couple was really doing on their anniversary in a candid photo of the two in their hotel room with Teigen falling asleep and Legend looking at his computer.

“Happy anniversary, baby!!!” Teigen wrote in the caption, poking fun that the two were both exhausted and keeping to themselves.

Twitter on Saturday,  with footage featuring her getting glam. “One day in Paris for my anniversary! Love you baby!!” she captioned the post.

The clip begins showing a beautiful bouquet of flowers, seemingly given to Teigen for her anniversary, before panning to the social media star who quips, “the f— am I even supposed to do with that?” in response to the floral gift.

“6th anniversaries be like,” she joked of the video.


Women’s Health for their October 2018 cover story.

“We still have that passion for each other, but are we doing it randomly in a dressing room? No!” she exclaimed, before adding that she felt confident they would “get back into it again.”